1. Time for early morning ramblings

    Good morning. As the holiday here in Indonesia is ending (the idul fitri holiday) there must be some things that still stuck in our mind as one of desperate holiday seekers. I will point out some of it in my own world.

    1. I still misses my girlfriend so bad, i havent met her this holiday. Because i spent my holiday fully with my family. This really drives me crazy because i do misses her so much. And i really mean it, in fact the reason i wrote this on my early morning flight is because when i woke up on 3 am (she even woke me up by phone) i feel so blessed of having her, and i can feel my body shivers with the mere feeling of missing her and it drives me so mad! God how i missed her! Even though this makes me crazy, i will still be able to channel this feeling towards my working spirit this week because i already planned to meet her on the weekend! I cant wait for saturday to come. I missed you SFL.

    2. A week of holiday with the family is a long time, however i still feel that i still wanted to be with my family, spend time with my brothers and sister, my mother and father. In fact i always feel sad after leaving them, i might look uncaring, but deep down inside, i just dont want to leave them, i want to be with them… i just try to forget it because it is very saddening to keep thinking and feeling like i dont want to leave them. So please god, keep them safe for me.

    Thats’s it. I have to run for my morning flight! Bye!


  2. Voices in my head

    Sometimes, if you stay still in an empty room, there are voices talking to you. Voices that makes you happy or depressed which you will never know which one will come to you and feed your mind. Well, all i can hear nowadays is depressing voices, feeding my mind with endless fears. Fear of the future, fear of being alone, fear of everything, it is really scary if you ever feel the same with me. Well, i always smile. I rarely complain in public, i rarely admit that i am scared, but i think now i have to admit that i am scared because it’s getting more and more intense, even the slightest time im alone i feel scared and its eating my body. Its hard for me to have a sound sleep nowadays, i stay up late, i woke up early. It feels like i just dont wanna be alone, i really need someone to hold and hug. I just want the depressing voices disappear. I want my happy voices come to me again.

    If somebody i know read this. Please dont treat me any differently, that will just make the voices come more often. Just hug me. That will do. You dont need to know why i feel like this, just hug me.

  3. Holes

  5. Jakarta.


  6. "In the end, I think the relationships that survive in this world are the ones where two people can finish each other’s sentences."
    — Douglas Coupland (via blue-voids)

  8. I waste so much time already, i suck at this. I am stupid, confused and naive


  9. "You are not too old. You are not too young. You are not too poor. You are not too sick. You are not any of the things that stop you from doing what must be done. You are right here. You, are just right."